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More than 5 years building Michigan’s only survivalist and prepper oriented communication network


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We provide guidance for newcomers to amateur radio. Finding helpful information can be overwhelming.

We have been there and done that, let us guide you in your equipment options to help reduce your monetary investment to meet your goals.

We encourage continued learning and improvement by providing opportunities to meet up on and off the air waves

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The purpose of our group is to improve radio skills and facilitate a growing communication network of individuals within Michigan and neighboring states who are prepared to pass information in any future contingency. Our vision for the group is simple. MPURN will act as a relay or provide advanced communication using data modes such as PSK31, JS8CALL or Contestia. MPURN will be able to link multiple groups together for mutual assistance.

​I know, if SHTF we don’t need a license. Correct if your definition of SHTF matches the FCC definition. FCC fines are HUGE and not worth the risk. If you are one of those people that will argue this then please leave, this group is not for you. We must practice our craft or we will fail when called upon.

​MPURN is social, look for us on Facebook and MeWe!

​We accept donations to keep this website going, provide training, host antenna build classes and attend expos to continue growing our reach. If you would like to contribute please click this link. Thank you!

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MPURN Blog Posts


RE: Increased Cyber Threats From: MPURN Founder Steve Hampton I have been pondering raising MPURN’s readiness level. I have been monitoring multiple information sources all day. My main concern is not the war, also not the gas prices but rather the increased amount of cyber attacks around the globe. The capacity of these attacks to…

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In The Beginning

The plan was to teach radio. That is still the plan. However, MPURN has grown and matured into a communication team. We must continue to prepare for worst case scenario with our 2 meter simplex nets, HF nets and the growing adhoc APRS and Js8call networks. Choosing the best option of communication for the current…

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Group Restructuring

Leadership Structure For nearly five years since its formation, MPURN has enjoyed positive growth and ease of leadership. Group drama has naturally been at a minimum. We have also maintained a method of leadership that has made it difficult for new members to tell who the leader was. Everyone here has value. These qualities must…

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